Official setting in "Healer of ALL"

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Appearance and Outfit

Eliza Torland works as healer magician in official.
She is 18 years old, and her height is approx. 160cm.

Here is official appearance of Eliza.

Her outfit comes from army nurse in early 20c, and Torajimaneko-san reforms into medieval style. Feel free to draw her including your own reform.

MMD or other 3D models

Eliza Torland Ver.1 for MMD by Izayoi (Hearthiel)
Last update: 2014-04-09

Eliza Torland for MMD by Dogagon (based on "Ragnarok Online Priestess & Highpriestess" by pfy)
Last update: 2017-03-30 (a33). Please re-download if you get before 2017-04-06.

Eliza Torland for Honey Select by Jukes
Backup in
Last update:2017-07-08

Police styled Eliza Torland by 5nbe (based on "Ragnarok Online Priestess & Highpriestess" by pfy, and "police, common and nurse woman" by Gangase)

Scooped city for MMD by Firaremi
It is not related to Eliza, but I uploaded it under permission of original author. example


Magic and Heal

Official Setting in "Planet Nurse"

The side story "Planet Nurse" is published for ICECAT's "MagiDeka" at Comic Market 84, Aug/2013.
From characteristics point of view, the difference from main story is size and appearance.

Appearance and Outfit

I got permission to exibit illustrations in "Planet Nurse" from Icecat and Ochiko.

Here is another official pic from Furefami.

Her appearance is so called mini-skirted nurse like this.

She wears bracelet-shaped "device" that is necessary to protect planets: crush prevention, healing, sensitivity enhancement, and so on.


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