Healer of ALL

chapter1: Heresy (2)

Author: Yunzo
Update: 2012-10-02

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Eliza was woken by the brightness of sunshine. She rises with feeling that the light is strong for late spring, and supprisely looks around beautiful landscape. Mountains far away are covered by white on top, and turn into deep green to the bottom. Wide spread woods looks before mountains, then glasses, and finally her foot...
Suddenly she noticed that this perspective is completely strange. Looking down, and she finds her palm and hip is on ground, nevertheless the view seems to be on high altitude. She rubs the ground, and obserbs that the palm on her sight moves exactly same as she tried. Her question is becoming into assumption, but not confidence yet. Because it is difficult for her to accept. She is getting be confused. What is happened, and what should she do, same questions come up and down repeatedly.

At that time, she finds something black near her left knee. It is easily recognizable as human, so she picks up it by her left hand carefully. Then put on her right palm and take closer look for detail. He looks wearing armour, but his arms and legs seems to be very slender like strings. His height and width is same as her pinkey finfer.
"How small he is..."
It means that she is huge giantess now. But on the other hand, it is significant advantage from the viewpoint of curing. The healing witchcraft is based on the transformation of energy from magical to vital, thus she must consume full of her magical energy even for small injury. But now, her current hugeness is estimated as about 30 times. She can easily afford to cure many people even if they are seriously wounded. There are no time to hesitate. She concentrates on her healing witchcraft, not to harm by pouring too much energy into him. He starts to shiver immediately.

Eliza sighs with relief. She recalls the person on her palm as whom she knocked down by magical force. Then she recollects there were more people in battle field. She loosks around and finds another armed man in dark red near her waist, and more in 3 feets from her. She picked up a man from waist to right palm, and stands up with left arm. The ground sinks so softly beneath her feet, but she tries to ignore the feeling.

Gransel is half-waken at this moment, and totally up by strange feeling from sudden rising. As rising stopped, he feels floating at moment and then the gravity returns back with weight of armour. He picks himself up, opens faceguard and surveys around. His can get sight to horizon on his back, but there is covered by tapestry like close in fron to him.

Then his ground moves back and pushes his body forward. Before his considers what it was, his ground moves front with heavy sound, and it makes him lie down. At that time, the eyes of Gransel facing up and Eliza watching downward crosses. As she realises it, she smiles at him. This expression is exactly same as Eliza who he knows. But even though her face occupies his view, she looks far from him. He raises arm to touch her, but he can not.

Eliza recognizes his movement as swinging his arm to her. She raised her palm to look closer and talks.
"Hi, Ah...do you h"
She can not finish speaking because man on her palm covers his ears and looks stiff. It is unexpected reaction for her, and takes several seconds to recognize that her voice is too loud for him.

For Granzel, trying to grab his situation, this stentrian voice is really taken by surprise. After moment of time he recovered and surveys again. He found that Eliza's arm coming from her shoulder far away reaches beneath his feet. He can understand that he stands on her palm, but it takes some more moments to realize what it really means.

Eliza is covering her mouth by left palm, and waiting the man for eye crossing. Them asks charily.
"Wu...A..Are you OK?"
"Yes, no problem"
Gransel can almost understand this unreal situation. He asked her after some thought.
"But I think it is my question. You seemed to be controled by evil priest, and now this size....What have you been occured on you from you kidnapped?"
Eliza blinks in surprise, and her eyeshot comes away from Gransel to recall. It must be kept in her mind if it really is, but her memoris in several days are too obscure to recall.
"Yes, after you kidnapped 4 days ago, all people in village have investigated desperately to find you."
As Gransel said, Eliza's roaming eyes are fixed to him again.
He is going to help me. Although he is waring armour and too small to recognize who he is, she remembers his voice. And neighbouring man in dark red armour, he is exactly whom she tried to heal. The orderer is a priest wearing cope with symbolized sun. And she is wearing same clothing. She tries to recall the symbol, she has seen same one....
The sudden thundering voice shake his body. Since her mouth has already covered and Granzel fill his ears, he can barely keep concious. But the voice is echoing repeatedly in his mind which is almost blanked.
"I ... I am so sorry, sir Gransel."
Her apporogy is out of recognition for Gransel now.

Eliza sits down on vacant grasses carefully not to drop Gransel by her movement. And she starts picking up wounded fighters onto her right palm. Their weight must not less than 150 pound or so, but her motion seems that there are no weight at all. Gransel gazes her this unreal dealing, but yells to stop her at the forth trial.
"Can I ask there is matter, sir?"
Eliza stopps her left hand, and ask him. Gransel points to the laid magical warrior and inquires back to her.
"Are you going to heal him?"
"Sure, why not?"
Eliza replies immediately.
"But you know, they are en-lighters, don't you?"
Eliza shows wavering expression, but nodded slowly.
"Yes, I know, I recalled. But now I can cure them. I can not leave them to die."
She replied in weak voice. Gransel droops his head with sigh. It is credulous rather than good-natured dicision.

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